Greetings! I’m an environmental educator and singer-songwriter from Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. I'm well-known for my family environmental songs and school presentations . I also enjoy performing my original songs for adult audiences. 

I'm out on the road across Canada in late 2016...I'm interested in playing in your community!

invite you listen to some of the tunes from my two albums at the music page, or by starting the online music player below. 

While you're here you might like to check out videos and photos or bio pages. Or check out info on the Woman With A Chainsaw, Wild Pedagogies and Songs for Environmental Education projects.

Thanks! I'd love to hear from you via social media or the contact page.

Take one part folk music, throw in an affection for the Yukon and its wild places, and top it off with an infectious sense of humour, and you come up with singer-songwriter Remy Rodden. ”

— James Miller, CBC Yukon

  New lyrics video for What's That Habitat!



United Way Breakfast and Auction

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Coast High Country Convention Centre, 4th Avenue, Whitehorse

The annual fantastic fundraising event. Please support. I might just be dressed as an eco-superhero of some kind... Info at https://www.facebook.com/events/1143435492390096/

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