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Sing along with the
Herschel Island Whaling Song
in honour of my landing at Qikiqtaruk
last Septmeber with the
Canada C3 Expedition

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Are you interested in entertaining eclectic, folk/roots, northern-inspired music? Then check out the tunes from my "adult" album In The Hills

Are you a teacher, environmental educator or parent that is seeking high-quality, award-winning educational music? Then focus in on the songs from the Think About the Planet  album.  And check out the Songs for EE page.

Wanna laugh with me and one of Canada's well-known politicians? See Woman  With A Chainsaw.

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Celebrate our oceans!

A new single and lyrics video  
released last year
to celebrate World Oceans Day

June 8
and the incredible
Canada C3 Expedition

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Take one part folk music, throw in an affection for the Yukon and its wild places, and top it off with an infectious sense of humour, and you come up with singer-songwriter Remy Rodden. ”

— James Miller, CBC Yukon

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