1. Bio-diversity

From the recording Think About the Planet

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[Chords at bottom]

Bio-diversity, Mother Nature sings this song
Bio-diversity, I hope that you will sing along

Bio means life (as in biology)
Diversity means lots of variety
Healthy ecosystems need different living things
And if you listen closely you can hear them sing

'Cause every living creature has its place
They need food, shelter, water, space
So let us do our part to help them all survive
By keeping their habitat alive

black bear, grizzly bear, smallmouth
salamander, barn owl, pallid bat, golden seal
and stoneroller, Squanga Lake whitefish,
walrus and king rail, blue racer, red root,
hop tree, beluga whale, heart-leafed
plantain, soapweed and sea otter,

green sturgeon, Athabaska swift
whooping crane, swift fox, spotted owl,
spotted bat, blackstripe topminnow,
ord's kangaroo rat, wood bison, wood
poppy, mountain plover, great auk,
Englemann's quillwort, blue ash and
Cooper's hawk, marbled murrelet,
right whale and colicroot, grey fox,
loggerhead shrike

hairy-nosed wombat, timber wolf and
grass owl, dove flower, bog turtle,
pitcher plant and rock fowl,
Madagascar boa, peregrine falcon,
black coral, grison, weaver and dolphin,
coelacanth, bush dog, bobcat and
bullfrog, crocodile and hippopotomus

aardvark, egret, blue whale, manatee
ocelot, sea cat, panther and parakeet, rat
snake, pearlfish, bandicoot and jaguar,
armadillo, antelope, cockatoo and condor,
bird-winged butterfly, red leg tarantula,
aye-aye and monkey-puzzle tree

Chords (capo 2):
C - G C / C G C - / (2X)
Am - G - / Am - G - /F C - Am - /F G C -
(bridge/species rap) C - - - /Am - C - / G - CG C