Wild Pedagogies: Let Your Best Learning Be Wild

Wild Pedagogies is a movement which proposes a different way of being in and learning about the world.

A number of years ago, I paddled down the Yukon River with wild pedagogies scholars from around the world, in what was called a "floating symposium". Each of us contributed some new work to a special edition of the Pathways Journal (PDF) published by the Council of Outdoor Educators of Ontario (COEO).

My creation was a song (imagine that!). Here is the video for the bare-bones recording of the song Let Your Best Learning Be Wild. After many requests for this song at conferences and online events, I just had to include a fully-produced version as a "bonus track" on my latest album Think About the Wild. Bonus, because whoever would have thought the words pedagogy and epistemology would appear in a song on a kid's recording? 😆

If you would like to play this song, here is the song sheet with lyrics and chords (PDF).




To learn more, visit the Wild Pedagogies website
and see the book Wild Pedagogies: Touchstones for Re-Negotiating Education and the Environment in the Anthropocene, now available from Palgrave Press.

Another use of the song below... a retrospective on a amazing conference of EECOM: The Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication  and the Classrooms to Communities (C2C) Education Network