From the recording Think About the Planet


There are aliens taking over our wetlands
There are aliens crowding out our fish
There are aliens living in our Great Lakes
But these aliens don't come from outer space

They come here from our very own planet
But from far, far away and they're strangers here
These introduced species can be a pretty big problem
'Cause there's nothing very much in Nature that's able to stop them

The invadin' aliens are everywhere
Introduced species around the world, my friend you'd better best beware
Zebra mussel, gypsy moth and purple loosestrife
These are just a few, they might give you
those invadin' alien blues

In some of our wetlands grows a pretty purple flower
That makes lots of seeds, and so it grows too well
It chokes out all the space that's needed by wetlands wildlife
It's a pretty little killer with the name of purple loosestrife

Now the zebra mussel is like a tiny little clam
That has millions of babies and they stick everywhere
They plug up pipes, cover rocks and eat all the plankton
They're really such a nuisance, we have no reason to thank them

We've got to do our best to keep them from spreading
If we don't do our part, they might give you those invadin' alien blues