From the recording Think About the Planet

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Great grand-dad was a man who was wise as he could be
And he always made a living from the land and from the sea
And he always fed his children with the bounties of this Earth
Oh he never was a rich man but he knew his inner worth
Even though he had to take life to feed his family
He lived by three simple rules and my dad taught these to me

Respect all life
Take only what you need
(and for heaven's sake)
Use all that you take

Chief Joseph was a leader of his First Nations clan
And he always taught his people respect for the land
Every creature has a spirit, every plant a living soul
What a magic way to live a life and it made his people whole
And even during hard times he knew down in his heart
The wisdom of those simple rules, everyone must do their part

(and for the spirit's sake)

And now I am a person of the twenty-first century
And I wonder how to live my life on Earth responsibly
For I know that there are limits and we can't go on and on
Consuming and polluting 'til everything is gone
And now I know the answers are as old as they can be
If my great grand-dad were here today he'd say these words to me

(and for the planet's sake)

G---/D---/C---/G-D- (2x)
Ch: D---/Em-C-/C-D-/G---