1. Cycles

From the recording Think About the Planet

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(Spoken) A bicycle is a cycle, 'cause the wheels go round and round
But did you know that animals cycle, as their numbers go up and down?
Nature has a million cycles, and they're truly everywhere
Cycles are so very important, though you may not know they're there

Cycles, cycles, nature goes round and round
Cycles, cycles, populations up and down
There's a water cycle, and a bunny cycle and a carbon cycle, too
There are natural cycles everywhere, they're a part of me and you

Now the water cycle is a simple cycle,there's water vapour in the air
Then it all comes down as snow and rain and it melts into the ground
Then it flows into rivers, oceans and lakes and evaporates to the sky
The water comes down as snow and rain and the cycle goes round again

Now living up north in the boreal forest is a bunny named the snowshoe hare
Its population grows, then gets real low every nine years or so
Then for nine more years, there are more and more,then the population goes way down
Then their numbers start increasing one more time and the cycle goes round and round

Now carbon is the name of an element that's part of every living thing
It's in the air as carbon dioxide and the plants breathe the carbon in
It becomes a part of the branches and leaves and when they fall down to the ground
They decompose into CO2 and the cycle goes round round and round