From the recording Think About the Planet

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Once upon a time throughout this land the caribou did roam
Thousands and thousands wandered through the hills, our backyard was their home
They provided food and shelter for the First Ones
Then along came the miners and the rails, the habitat began to change
And up went the fences and the roads in the middle of their winter range
Now the Carcross herd is barely just surviving
We've got to do something soon

O caribou, caribou,
symbol of the northland, the wilderness so true
O caribou, caribou,
we will be in trouble if we don't take care of you
(if we take care of your habitat, we'll be taking care of you)

Now the caribou is perfect for the North,it's adapted to a land that's cold
Its hooves are big and wide and they act like snowshoes
and shovels in the deep, deep snow
And their hollow hair keeps them toasty warm
They dine on lichens, a kind of plant, that no other critter wants to eat
So caribou survive where other animals can't, they have a very special niche
And the caribou when it dies, it feeds its neighbours:
The wolves and the ravens too!

As goes the land so go ourselves and all of us depend on the land
If the wildlife is in trouble then we are too, so we'd better lend a helping hand
Won't you take the time to try and help your neighbour?
Everything's connected somehow