From the recording Think About the Planet

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Maybe you get scared sometimes when you hear about our dirty world
They tell us that there's garbage everywhere, too much for every boy and girl
But I believe that if we try, we can clean it up and kiss pollution goodbye
It's really very simple, here's what you have to do

Think about the planet when you go to bed
And dream sweet dreams of clean streams in your head
Clean hearts, clean streets, clean minds
Leave all that ugly pollution behind
And when you wake up in the morning make the dream come true

Maybe when you hear the TV news about wars and guns and violent stuff
It makes you sad or feel real bad or want to fight and be real tough
But getting mad yourself only makes things worse,
If you want to change the world you've got to change yourself first
So try to be happy and sing along with me

Think about your neighbour when you go to bed
And find all the ways to be kind in your head
Kind to yourself, to your neighbours and friends
'Cause that's the only way we'll make the violence end
And when you wake up in he morning make the dream come true

So any time that you're feeling like there is nothing that you can do
To change the things that make you sad just remember this little tune
'Cos nothing is so bad that there is no hope
To sing and to dream can help anyone cope
But you've got to work hard to make the dream come true