© 1976 Peter Krug           
[this is the Remy Rodden version, slightly changed through the folk process...the way I learned it!]

Em                 A           Em                A
I woke up this mornin' frozen nearly dead, 
Em                A                    Em           A
So goldarned cold I couldn't get out of bed. 
Em                A               Em                 A
As I lay there shiverin' as cold as I could be. 
Em                A               E  - - -
Suddenly a revelation came to me. 

         G             D                    E      
I gotta find me a woman with a chainsaw, 
      G            D                 E
To spend the winter with me. 
      G                 D                     E
I gotta find me a woman with a chainsaw
        G                             D                   Em     A
And all night long I would stoke her fire, yessiree 

Em                                   A           Em               
I'll put an ad down at the Co-op a notice on the                         A
Em                         A           Em                      A
I don't care if she's skinny, I don't care if she's plump, 
Em                         A           Em        A
I don't care if she's pretty or ugly as sin, 
      Em                A                        E   - - -             
But if she's got a chainsaw she can move right in 


[Another verse not sung on Remy Rodden version]
Oh, you big city women in your Calvin Klein clothes, 
Ain't much good when the ground gets froze. 
I need a tough country mama, to help me chop my wood, 
And when I find her, I'm gonna treat her good. 



[links to original lyricsPeter Krug singing the song!]

     Em                        A          Em                    A 

I 'd treat her kind and gentle, we would never fight,  
  Em                         A                Em                  A 
If she went out with other guys I wouldn't get uptight  
 Em                     A                    Em                  A 
She could just do her thing, and I could just do mine,  
Em                     A                          E  - - -             
Her and me and that machine we'd get along just fine.  


              Em                A                Em               
I've got a cabin in the mountains, a Chevy pickup
        Em             A                           Em                
With stereo and four-wheel drive to pull us through
the muck* 
              Em                         A               Em                
I've got a hundred pounds of soy beans, a barrel of
   brown rice,  
    Em                 A           E   - - -
A dozen cords of firewood sure would be nice! 


* this line sanitized from the original version, attributed to Sue Trainor

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